BATAM – Good news for costumer News Family Card (TFC) Tribune Batam who want to eat with full facilities and may be piece of discounts.

Facilities in the form of discounts 15 percent for all types of food that can be obtained by the owner of TFC in De’ Patros Cafe, Batuampar.

Manager Operations De’ Patros Cafe, Chandra Ariya said, TFC every customer is entitled to enjoy all the facilities at the De’ Patros and discounts 15 percent for all kinds of food.

he explained, facilities can be enjoyed subscribers De’ Patros Cafe maupun TFC, Among other acoustic comben, watching together football and Moto GP.

There is also a meeting room capacity 25 to 100 person, with a fairly extensive vehicle parking.

“Certainly a place close to the sea and shore wind, provide convenience to customers,” he said.

For football fans in Batam, during the World Cup mat 2018, From’ Patros Cafe provide services nobar.

As long as it also provided effective package of fresh beer buy 1 get 1 free.

“cooperation de’ Patros and this TFC, Hopefully will hopefully equally big impact on the customer,” he said.

Source : tribune batam